Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Its Make Over Time Ladies. Put that old look down and gain more compliments!!!!

A woman's crown is her glory! This saying has been passed down from generation to generation. Today's woman still believe in getting their hair done no matter what they have going on in their life. A hairstylist is a very important person in a woman's life, as we are counted on to enhance her beauty, care for her hair and reasonable pricing.

Does your hair grow back just as fast as you cut it, but you can't continue to pay a lot of money to maintain your short hair style? Short hair styles require a lot of up keeping in order to keep it looking sharp and on point. I have an answer to this problem..........

Customers not only want to be told that they are appreciated they want to be shown.

I was blessed with a wonderful idea that will not only show customers that they are appreciated, but will help them SAVE MONEY at the same time. Bills can be very depressing, especially when you get paid on a monthly basis and you need to get your hair done now, have a very important meeting to attend or rely on your hairstylist to care for your hair. No one wants to feel like they are working to pay for their hair. A hairstylist who appreciates their customer or client and manages to show it by offering ways to save money is worth the trip to the salon and referrals.

In need of a makeover but don't know if you can afford it.....

 Most women cut their hair because their job requires it, their hair is damaged, or they want to look more youthful. Finding the right person to cut your hair with precision, style it according to their face and stay up to date with today's trending style can be challenging. Not to mention the price fitting in to our budget.

You should get more than what you paid for....

What would you do if  I told you, you can pay one price for your hair that will enable you to come back more than 3 times, without paying? I'm talking about a reasonable price that will not only allow you to get your hair done.....the necessary maintenance of the style is included for FREE!

Without further ado here it goes.........

I am offering  a monthly special for all my short hair diva's that will include:

1 Relaxer, cut, style, temporary color

4 Wash-Wrap n Curls


Shape up/Trim

(adding weave not included with price)

All the above for just one price of $150!!!!!!

Yes one price, paid one time, and you get all the above....

Here's what you need to do next:

1. Call 404 437 1268 and mention this blog posting

2. If you are looking for someone to give you a trendy cut and style, in need of a touch up, or want a complete make over:  Your search is over!! Call the number above, mention this blog posting,  I will give you a free consultation.

3. Once you have scheduled an appointment, when you come in, you will then pay the low and one time price for 1 month of $150. This will secure your monthly package and you will not have to pay again until the next month or until you have used up your 4 Wash-Wrap n Curls.

4. You will also be given a personalized card to track your visits and manage your appointments.

Its just that simple!

I want to surprise someone with this monthly special in the form of a gift certificate.....
(gift certificates are non-refundable)

All you have to do is:

Call 404 437 1268

Make an appointment to come in and purchase a certificate for the above monthly special of $150

Provide the name and number of the person, starting month of the special, and we will take it from there....

More pictures of my work are available upon request...

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