Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Hair Salon and Privacy

Going to a salon is a wonderful experience. You get to meet new people, get great deals from mobile sales people, and enjoy the ambiance of what a salon offers. For the most part, a salon is a woman's get away, like a second home.

BUT… and there is always that BUT......

Some things are often missing and feeling appreciated is one of them.

Not being appreciated can make you want to take your business elsewhere. No one wants to continue to pay premium prices for a service where their business and hard earned money is being taken for granted.  

You work really hard for your money and want to do something nice for yourself from time to time, like being pampered and treating yourself to a nice hair do, even if it’s only for a few hours a couple days a month. Besides, work can be draining with demands coming from your employees or your boss while you’re up to your neck with deadlines approaching. Some time to relax and be taken care of is what a valued customer like you wants and needs.

And sometimes, you also want your privacy.

You may have scalp issues, balding issues or you want privacy while receiving a weave service or getting measurements for your custom made wig. You may not want people seeing you walk out with a bag of hair in your hand after purchasing extensions. Some people just don't want anyone to know that they wear a weave and this is okay.

You’re paying for it so you should get what you want!

What if I told you that I know of a place where you can feel appreciated and valued and get a great hair do in the process? A place away from the hustle and bustle of work, deadlines, demands from others.....and busy salons.

You can get quality work, regular compliments from strangers, a nice makeover and  natural looking extension placements whether receiving non-surgical hair replacement, a full head weave or a custom made wig.....

Even if you want a trendy short haircut that gets you loads of compliments that looks good even when it’s not curled.....this is the place for you.

Hello My name is Marilyn Makeeba!

And I’d like to invite you to come and experience what you have been looking for:

Come to a place where:

· It’s all about you (you should be treated like the queen that you are)

· There’s no double booking

· There a client referral program that can lead to a free hairdo for YOU

· There’s a flexible schedule built around your needs

· You receive personal attention

· You are truly pampered

· You receive surprise appetizers to keep you satisfied while you visit

· You enjoy fun-filled and stimulating conversation

· There’s a positive environment

· You get one on one attention

· You receive emergency appointments

· You get to enjoy your privacy

· You receive up to date hairstyles, cuts and weaving techniques

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