Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Quality Weaves at an Affordable Price $50.....$85.....

Getting a weave service is so easy nowadays with affordable pricing and the high demand for long hair. Every where you go, there a signs posted up for $50 Weaves, walk in weaves, $100 weaves including hair, people are flocking like sheep to get this affordable service.

Q. Although everyone seems to be a weavologist, how can you tell if they really are one?

I will answer this question soon....

When you are looking for a Quality Weave service you want to start with 1. photo of before and after, 2. also look for caption. I have received a lot of clients from the internet who came to me frustrated and angry because of their hair and the price that they paid.

One may not be aware at the moment because of the alluring pictures and price, but the repercussions are going to cost you more in the end! I know this to be a fact because I have helped several women grow their hair back, some we could only thicken in a few spaces because the damage was severe and permanent. I would have to construct custom made hair pieces for them and although this helped my clients and boosted their self esteem, their will always be an hurtful truth, facing them in the mirror, "My hair is permanently gone".

Here are some pictures, without caption, that will make anyone pay an affordable price and think about the damage later:

Yes while these styles are beautiful, affordable at times and alluring they will also cause this to happen:

Although these are pictures from the web, this is when I am doing Non-surgical Hair Replacement and custom hair pieces for my clients. Please be careful when choosing a weavologist to do your extension application.

Ok, to answer the question earlier that was posed:
A. you can tell if a weavologist is real by following the two steps I stated in the above paragraph, numbered 1 and 2...Most importantly you want to come in and get a consultation.

Hello My name is MarilynMakeeba  and I am offering consultations to you or anyone that you may know who needs to receive Non Surgical hair replacement or a Custom Made hair piece. Email me at  mention this post, receive 10% off your consultation for  Non Surgical hair replacement or a Custom Made hair piece.

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