Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hair Product Addiction

Does this look like your product stash?

Have you yet to find the right product that works for your current hair growth journey or hair type?

Are you currently eye-balling a new product that you want to try?

While there are several products that are marketed towards Natural Hair, that does not necessarily mean that it will work for you. Products are being wrapped in pretty bottles, mixed with delicious ingredients, and smell good enough to eat, but that is all you have.

Natural hair product creation seems to be the new hustle and they are dozens of websites popping up all over the place looking for a Newly Natural or Transitioning Natural to purchase their products. I have came up with a few Do's and Don'ts to protect you from becoming addicted to purchasing loads of  Hair Products:


When purchasing a product, make sure it has a system that is for African American hair and scalp care and hair growth.

Purchase moisturizing hair products that are specifically for Kinky hair or African American hair. African American hair texture and type requires a certain level of moisture.

If you can, look for actual proof that the products works or is for your hair type ex:
  •  the person who made or created the product has natural hair or is very knowledgably about natural hair,
  • they use their own products for themselves and actually have healthy hair, which you are working towards
  • you can read about or find testimonials from people who have actually used the product. accompanied with pictures


Do not purchase the product just because it says that it has Olive oil, Shea butter, Tea tree in it. That does not mean that it will work for your hair. While those are popular ingredients for natural hair products, they are only lubricants and not moisturizers.

Do not become hypnotized by the packaging of the product as the packaging will only entice you and but the content will possibly disappoint you. Look for others who look like you and have your hair type whom have used the product before you make a purchase.

Beware of  high price products, a high price does not mean it is the business and that it will work.


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