Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why I love what I do....

Hello My name is Marilyn Makeeba and I am a natural, 3c hair type. My current hair length is, while straightened, a little past APL. Most of my clients are natural. Some transitioned to 100% natural because after listening to them and monitoring their hair and scalp, I believed that would be better for them.

My clients trust me to use the right products, they believe I will do what is best for their hair. I enhance a women's beauty on the outside as it is on the inside. When I finish doing my clients hair and I see their reaction to my work: smiling, wanting to take selfie's and some even give me a hug, my heart smiles because being able to make someone smile and see their beauty even more is priceless!

I began my natural transition, for the umpteen time lol, about 2 years ago. I challenged my self to grow my hair past the length that I believed it could not grow. I am now rocking APL and loving it!!! I have researched caring for and growing natural hair for over 5 years as well as stepped from behind the chair as a stylist to becoming a client of myself. I believe in practicing what I preach, so I began formulating a personal hair care and growth regime that would fit me. I am currently working towards lower back length.

I have also devised personal hair care and growth regimen's for clients after testing a regimen out on myself and seeing unexpected results. I am very sensitive about what I do because if I never tried it, I can't stand behind it. Loving what I do shows through myself and my work and that is what inspires me to continue and take things to another level.

Every client that sat in my chair had either scalp issues, growth or moisture concerns. I could not believe how much women were paying to get their hair done, but were not ultimately satisfied. I began surfing the web to see how many other women were feeling the same way, experiencing the same things and I was shocked. So I began formulating my own products about 4 years ago, and started out with a dandruff shampoo. I got tired of purchasing high end products that only make the hair look good and are mainly geared towards just natural hair, relaxed,  straight hair and not the issues women who are natural have with their hair and scalp.

 I thought I must take making my own products more serious, because there is a need to be filled. I also use my products on my clients as well as myself and my kids. My products will soon be available for the public and you can join my group to see when I have give away's and contest's, post pics and hair growth and juice challenges.

Hope you enjoyed the read!

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