Monday, September 30, 2013

3 Mistakes Newly Naturals and Born again Naturals Make


Newly Naturals and Born Again Naturals are the same person at one point. They have both thought about going natural, scared of how people react to kinky, curly, short, natural hair and go back to the creamy addictive stuff (we wont call it by its name  because I do not want any newly or born again naturals to back slide).

Here are 3 mistakes that Newly and Born again Naturals make:

1. They are more focused on length rather than soft beautiful curls, waves or twist outs. With the right products, you can bring out the definition in your curls and waves.  I have told by men that they like the fact that my hair is mine and not extensions because of my natural beauty. ( I am not against extensions as I apply extensions to my clients hair that are transitioning or wanting a protective style). You see, length is not important, being who you are is!

2.Both start out enthusiastic about being natural and begin on their natural hair journey, posting pics and then a few months past and the excitement dies down because of the repetition in caring for their hair becomes draining. If this is you, join my group at: Marilyn Makeeba (loving natural hair) All you need is support and you will be just fine.

3. Both believe that being natural means cutting your hair off and starting fresh, then going for the "BIG CHOP". Cutting your hair has nothing to so with going natural unless your hair is severely damaged and patches of hair are missing. You can transition by growing your hair out while you become comfortable with your decision.

Come on and join us over at: Marilyn Makeeba (loving natural hair)

Hope to see you soon...chow

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