Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Person Under the Relaxer....

Have you always wanted to go natural, but you heard negative things about natural hair?

Are you currently wearing a Relaxer because you believe it will grow your hair?

Maybe television or society has left a bad impression on you and pre-warned you not to wear your Natural hair because Natural Hair is not good hair.

I believe that excepting your natural hair is an indicator of excepting who you are. A woman's hair is her glory, being able to except and manage your Natural Hair is a clear sign that you are in tune with who you are: A Queen!

What have you learned about your Relaxed Hair or Natural Hair?

You can start by asking yourself these  questions below👇

Ex. Can your your hair hold moisture?
       Can your hair grow past a certain length?
        Are you able to comb your hair with ease?

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