Monday, July 29, 2013

5 Myths About Natural Hair

Myth #1: Black hair is bad

Despite the myths that television, magazines, and your average uneducated person have been sharing, your hair does not have a behavior. African American hair is beautiful because I said so. When something is misunderstood, it will automatically be labeled an associated with something BAD. Natural hair is GOOD, since we are going to give Black Hair a behavior.

Myth #2: African American hair can't grow

I have always believed that one must look at who is passing on information, rather than what they are saying. If I am being told by someone that does not have Black Hair, or has African American hair but does not wear it proudly, that my hair can not grow, that person may be telling the truth unless I am educated on my own hair to know that they have been mis-informed.
 I Marilyn Makeeba am African American, Black, Brown, which ever one makes you happy, I have long Natural Hair and I approve this message!

Myth #3: Trim your ends = Grow your hair

Trimming your ends will only make your hair look neat and even when you are wearing a Thermal Straightening or Relaxer and you are very meticulous about your hair. Trimming your ends will only take away from your length not add.

Myth #4: Oil moisturizes Black Hair

Oil will only do just that to your hair, oil it! Oil will only cause you to use more of it because it is not an moisturizer which natural hair needs. Oil adds a shine effect, but it will eventually slide off and you will be back to where you started needing moisture. When your hair is moisturized, it will feel that way. Oil give hair a shiny look, moisturizing your natural hair gives it a soft feel an makes it more manageable.

Myth #5: African American hair is stronger

Natural hair can not take or bare anything more than any other hair type or texture. African American hair does not have muscles. Black hair needs more TLC and patience.

 You cannot wash natural hair with any kind of shampoo because it may dry the hair out
 You cannot use any size comb in natural hair
 An over use of heat form flat irons, blow dryers etc. will weaken and damage natural hair
 A lack of moisture in natural hair will cause it become brittle and break

Thank you and feel free to share this post!
     Marilyn Makeeba

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