Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Hair Salon and Privacy

Going to a salon is a wonderful experience. You get to meet new people, get great deals from mobile sales people, and enjoy the ambiance of what a salon offers. For the most part, a salon is a woman's get away, like a second home.

BUT… and there is always that BUT......

Some things are often missing and feeling appreciated is one of them.

Not being appreciated can make you want to take your business elsewhere. No one wants to continue to pay premium prices for a service where their business and hard earned money is being taken for granted.  

You work really hard for your money and want to do something nice for yourself from time to time, like being pampered and treating yourself to a nice hair do, even if it’s only for a few hours a couple days a month. Besides, work can be draining with demands coming from your employees or your boss while you’re up to your neck with deadlines approaching. Some time to relax and be taken care of is what a valued customer like you wants and needs.

And sometimes, you also want your privacy.

You may have scalp issues, balding issues or you want privacy while receiving a weave service or getting measurements for your custom made wig. You may not want people seeing you walk out with a bag of hair in your hand after purchasing extensions. Some people just don't want anyone to know that they wear a weave and this is okay.

You’re paying for it so you should get what you want!

What if I told you that I know of a place where you can feel appreciated and valued and get a great hair do in the process? A place away from the hustle and bustle of work, deadlines, demands from others.....and busy salons.

You can get quality work, regular compliments from strangers, a nice makeover and  natural looking extension placements whether receiving non-surgical hair replacement, a full head weave or a custom made wig.....

Even if you want a trendy short haircut that gets you loads of compliments that looks good even when it’s not curled.....this is the place for you.

Hello My name is Marilyn Makeeba!

And I’d like to invite you to come and experience what you have been looking for:

Come to a place where:

· It’s all about you (you should be treated like the queen that you are)

· There’s no double booking

· There a client referral program that can lead to a free hairdo for YOU

· There’s a flexible schedule built around your needs

· You receive personal attention

· You are truly pampered

· You receive surprise appetizers to keep you satisfied while you visit

· You enjoy fun-filled and stimulating conversation

· There’s a positive environment

· You get one on one attention

· You receive emergency appointments

· You get to enjoy your privacy

· You receive up to date hairstyles, cuts and weaving techniques

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Quality Weaves at an Affordable Price $50.....$85.....

Getting a weave service is so easy nowadays with affordable pricing and the high demand for long hair. Every where you go, there a signs posted up for $50 Weaves, walk in weaves, $100 weaves including hair, people are flocking like sheep to get this affordable service.

Q. Although everyone seems to be a weavologist, how can you tell if they really are one?

I will answer this question soon....

When you are looking for a Quality Weave service you want to start with 1. photo of before and after, 2. also look for caption. I have received a lot of clients from the internet who came to me frustrated and angry because of their hair and the price that they paid.

One may not be aware at the moment because of the alluring pictures and price, but the repercussions are going to cost you more in the end! I know this to be a fact because I have helped several women grow their hair back, some we could only thicken in a few spaces because the damage was severe and permanent. I would have to construct custom made hair pieces for them and although this helped my clients and boosted their self esteem, their will always be an hurtful truth, facing them in the mirror, "My hair is permanently gone".

Here are some pictures, without caption, that will make anyone pay an affordable price and think about the damage later:

Yes while these styles are beautiful, affordable at times and alluring they will also cause this to happen:

Although these are pictures from the web, this is when I am doing Non-surgical Hair Replacement and custom hair pieces for my clients. Please be careful when choosing a weavologist to do your extension application.

Ok, to answer the question earlier that was posed:
A. you can tell if a weavologist is real by following the two steps I stated in the above paragraph, numbered 1 and 2...Most importantly you want to come in and get a consultation.

Hello My name is MarilynMakeeba  and I am offering consultations to you or anyone that you may know who needs to receive Non Surgical hair replacement or a Custom Made hair piece. Email me at  mention this post, receive 10% off your consultation for  Non Surgical hair replacement or a Custom Made hair piece.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hair Product Addiction

Does this look like your product stash?

Have you yet to find the right product that works for your current hair growth journey or hair type?

Are you currently eye-balling a new product that you want to try?

While there are several products that are marketed towards Natural Hair, that does not necessarily mean that it will work for you. Products are being wrapped in pretty bottles, mixed with delicious ingredients, and smell good enough to eat, but that is all you have.

Natural hair product creation seems to be the new hustle and they are dozens of websites popping up all over the place looking for a Newly Natural or Transitioning Natural to purchase their products. I have came up with a few Do's and Don'ts to protect you from becoming addicted to purchasing loads of  Hair Products:


When purchasing a product, make sure it has a system that is for African American hair and scalp care and hair growth.

Purchase moisturizing hair products that are specifically for Kinky hair or African American hair. African American hair texture and type requires a certain level of moisture.

If you can, look for actual proof that the products works or is for your hair type ex:
  •  the person who made or created the product has natural hair or is very knowledgably about natural hair,
  • they use their own products for themselves and actually have healthy hair, which you are working towards
  • you can read about or find testimonials from people who have actually used the product. accompanied with pictures


Do not purchase the product just because it says that it has Olive oil, Shea butter, Tea tree in it. That does not mean that it will work for your hair. While those are popular ingredients for natural hair products, they are only lubricants and not moisturizers.

Do not become hypnotized by the packaging of the product as the packaging will only entice you and but the content will possibly disappoint you. Look for others who look like you and have your hair type whom have used the product before you make a purchase.

Beware of  high price products, a high price does not mean it is the business and that it will work.


Monday, September 30, 2013

3 Mistakes Newly Naturals and Born again Naturals Make


Newly Naturals and Born Again Naturals are the same person at one point. They have both thought about going natural, scared of how people react to kinky, curly, short, natural hair and go back to the creamy addictive stuff (we wont call it by its name  because I do not want any newly or born again naturals to back slide).

Here are 3 mistakes that Newly and Born again Naturals make:

1. They are more focused on length rather than soft beautiful curls, waves or twist outs. With the right products, you can bring out the definition in your curls and waves.  I have told by men that they like the fact that my hair is mine and not extensions because of my natural beauty. ( I am not against extensions as I apply extensions to my clients hair that are transitioning or wanting a protective style). You see, length is not important, being who you are is!

2.Both start out enthusiastic about being natural and begin on their natural hair journey, posting pics and then a few months past and the excitement dies down because of the repetition in caring for their hair becomes draining. If this is you, join my group at: Marilyn Makeeba (loving natural hair) All you need is support and you will be just fine.

3. Both believe that being natural means cutting your hair off and starting fresh, then going for the "BIG CHOP". Cutting your hair has nothing to so with going natural unless your hair is severely damaged and patches of hair are missing. You can transition by growing your hair out while you become comfortable with your decision.

Come on and join us over at: Marilyn Makeeba (loving natural hair)

Hope to see you soon...chow

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why I love what I do....

Hello My name is Marilyn Makeeba and I am a natural, 3c hair type. My current hair length is, while straightened, a little past APL. Most of my clients are natural. Some transitioned to 100% natural because after listening to them and monitoring their hair and scalp, I believed that would be better for them.

My clients trust me to use the right products, they believe I will do what is best for their hair. I enhance a women's beauty on the outside as it is on the inside. When I finish doing my clients hair and I see their reaction to my work: smiling, wanting to take selfie's and some even give me a hug, my heart smiles because being able to make someone smile and see their beauty even more is priceless!

I began my natural transition, for the umpteen time lol, about 2 years ago. I challenged my self to grow my hair past the length that I believed it could not grow. I am now rocking APL and loving it!!! I have researched caring for and growing natural hair for over 5 years as well as stepped from behind the chair as a stylist to becoming a client of myself. I believe in practicing what I preach, so I began formulating a personal hair care and growth regime that would fit me. I am currently working towards lower back length.

I have also devised personal hair care and growth regimen's for clients after testing a regimen out on myself and seeing unexpected results. I am very sensitive about what I do because if I never tried it, I can't stand behind it. Loving what I do shows through myself and my work and that is what inspires me to continue and take things to another level.

Every client that sat in my chair had either scalp issues, growth or moisture concerns. I could not believe how much women were paying to get their hair done, but were not ultimately satisfied. I began surfing the web to see how many other women were feeling the same way, experiencing the same things and I was shocked. So I began formulating my own products about 4 years ago, and started out with a dandruff shampoo. I got tired of purchasing high end products that only make the hair look good and are mainly geared towards just natural hair, relaxed,  straight hair and not the issues women who are natural have with their hair and scalp.

 I thought I must take making my own products more serious, because there is a need to be filled. I also use my products on my clients as well as myself and my kids. My products will soon be available for the public and you can join my group to see when I have give away's and contest's, post pics and hair growth and juice challenges.

Hope you enjoyed the read!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Moisturizer, Moisturize, Moisture

This can not be said enough! African American hair can reach a level of dryness that can be very discouraging in being natural. Although natural hair tends to work best for AA women, female children, one can see it as a daunting task.

While I am working on my E-book so that AA hair can be understood and  more manageable for people, I will also be including some of my own experiences with my hair type and other hair types as well. Here is 1 more tip to go along with several tips, that I have given, as a sneak peek in  E-book:

MTS: to moisturize the hair first with a choice conditioner then shampoo

Your natural hair will love this method of moisturizing because AA hair tends to at times become very dehydrated because of the curl pattern. The tighter the curl pattern the more arid ones tresses can become. One reason for this is that your natural hair oil which secretes from the sebaceous glands is not able to lubricate the entire hair shaft because of the curl pattern. Your natural hair oil needs to go from the scalp to the ends of your hair shaft and a tighter natural curl pattern prevents this natural process.

Have nothing to fear!

I will guide you, through my E-book, on what methods will work best for your hair and help you with alternative ways to put moisture back into your hair.

Okay, that will be all for today, peace and hair grease lol!

(feel free to share my post)

Also join my group: Facebook/About Marilyn Makeeba

Monday, July 29, 2013

5 Myths About Natural Hair

Myth #1: Black hair is bad

Despite the myths that television, magazines, and your average uneducated person have been sharing, your hair does not have a behavior. African American hair is beautiful because I said so. When something is misunderstood, it will automatically be labeled an associated with something BAD. Natural hair is GOOD, since we are going to give Black Hair a behavior.

Myth #2: African American hair can't grow

I have always believed that one must look at who is passing on information, rather than what they are saying. If I am being told by someone that does not have Black Hair, or has African American hair but does not wear it proudly, that my hair can not grow, that person may be telling the truth unless I am educated on my own hair to know that they have been mis-informed.
 I Marilyn Makeeba am African American, Black, Brown, which ever one makes you happy, I have long Natural Hair and I approve this message!

Myth #3: Trim your ends = Grow your hair

Trimming your ends will only make your hair look neat and even when you are wearing a Thermal Straightening or Relaxer and you are very meticulous about your hair. Trimming your ends will only take away from your length not add.

Myth #4: Oil moisturizes Black Hair

Oil will only do just that to your hair, oil it! Oil will only cause you to use more of it because it is not an moisturizer which natural hair needs. Oil adds a shine effect, but it will eventually slide off and you will be back to where you started needing moisture. When your hair is moisturized, it will feel that way. Oil give hair a shiny look, moisturizing your natural hair gives it a soft feel an makes it more manageable.

Myth #5: African American hair is stronger

Natural hair can not take or bare anything more than any other hair type or texture. African American hair does not have muscles. Black hair needs more TLC and patience.

 You cannot wash natural hair with any kind of shampoo because it may dry the hair out
 You cannot use any size comb in natural hair
 An over use of heat form flat irons, blow dryers etc. will weaken and damage natural hair
 A lack of moisture in natural hair will cause it become brittle and break

Thank you and feel free to share this post!
     Marilyn Makeeba

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Person Under the Relaxer....

Have you always wanted to go natural, but you heard negative things about natural hair?

Are you currently wearing a Relaxer because you believe it will grow your hair?

Maybe television or society has left a bad impression on you and pre-warned you not to wear your Natural hair because Natural Hair is not good hair.

I believe that excepting your natural hair is an indicator of excepting who you are. A woman's hair is her glory, being able to except and manage your Natural Hair is a clear sign that you are in tune with who you are: A Queen!

What have you learned about your Relaxed Hair or Natural Hair?

You can start by asking yourself these  questions below👇

Ex. Can your your hair hold moisture?
       Can your hair grow past a certain length?
        Are you able to comb your hair with ease?