Sunday, September 12, 2010


If you are a mom and you are having a hard time managing your child,s hair well here is tip just for you.
Children are very tender headed and to make things easier;
1. Comb through the whole head with a detangler first by using a large tooth comb and a bottle of just for me detangler. If you don,t have detangler use water and oil ( olive oil preferrably ). Remember to comb the hair from the ends to the roots in that order.

2. Use a water hose that you can connect to the sink to wash your childs hair to wash the hair. The reason you are using this is so the water dosen,t come out so hard on your childs head. With my experiences children are scared of the water pressure. You can purchase this water hose at the beauty supply store. This will help to control the water pressure and make it more fun and easier to wash your childs hair

3. Use cream of nature shampoo to wash the hair. It will soften up the texture of your childs hair. If your childs hair is naturally soft use a cleansing shampoo ( pantene ).

4. After washing the hair, apply some conditioner to the hair. If your childs hair is very dry I would recommend using cholesterol and comb through the hair with your large tooth comb as I described in #1.

5. After combing the conditioner through the hair, rinse the hair thoroughly and dry the hair with a towel. Make sure that you dry the hair as much as you can with the towel and that the water is almost gone from the hair.

6. Section the hair in 4 sections and braid the hair up in to 4 braids. Add some pink oil moisturizer to the hair and begin blow drying the hair from end to the root section by section.

7. Proceed with the desired style you are trying to get once the hair is completely dry and managable. You can also straighten the hair out by using a real good flat iron. You can purchase a Chi or an Fhi flat iron. They are sort of expensive but you will love the results and your child will also. So I recommend investing in one for the future if you don,t already have one.

Remember to always keep your childs hair moisturized in the more cooler seasons with:
1. Olive oil and pink oil moisturizer mixed together ( if your childs hair is very dry ). If your child has dry scalp issues you can use doo grow hair grease or any grease that has ( peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptis oils in them ). Isoplus has a grease with those ingredients in them and it is very cost efficient.

2.If your child has normal textured hair , you can just use pink oil moisturizer.

3. If your child has relaxed textured hair ( chemically straight ) you can just use hair grease.

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