Saturday, August 7, 2010


African American hair is not as tough as it appears. In fact, African American hair is very fragile. Most stylist stray away or rather not work with clients that have natural hair because of their lack of knowledge or patience. Natural hair requires a lot of attention and patience. Although, natural hair can be very brittle, dry and hard to comb; it is the most healthiest texture. Natural hair can grab color quicker than relaxed hair and still maintain it's form. Relaxed hair will start to thin out, brake or dry out severely. If you are natural, do not trust just anyone with your tresses. Make sure they are well endowed with " Knowledge about YOUR natural hair". Again, natural hair is very fragile and requires a lot of moisture and TLC!

In the above photo's is my actual client. She receives" moisture lock treatments" as well as leave in ointment to infuse moisture and protect her tresses. She receives a warm color ( colors that are with in the natural color tone family ) to prevent from breaking the natural bond of the hair. Natural hair tends to grow more when it is heavily moisturized and in a protective style, like the style above.

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